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The Strings of Time

         A tempest roars in the distance, its menacing growl audible beyond the tranquility that precedes its arrival. When it strikes, nothing will be able to stand in its way. Whether it destroys all of existence or purifies the world, only time can tell.

         Special Agent Nyle Morcroft was about to take a much-needed vacation after closing an arduous case when the Centre for Glyph Control once again swooped in and ruined his plans with a new assignment. What starts out as a simple murder investigation escalates and becomes life-altering. Nyle unexpectedly learns the truth about himself and the world around him as he discovers the unimaginable: someone is using strange glyphs, or symbols, to release an ancient, destructive force that could erase the fabric of reality. 

         As time quickly runs out for Nyle, he must get to the core of the storm he’s been thrust into and thwart it. Not only does the fate of the world rest on his shoulders, his destiny also awaits him … should he survive the encounter.

Time Storm Glyph.png

 A truly spectacular read!!

“From the story, to the characters, to just everything else, this book is really stunning! You HAVE to pick this up!”

Amazon Customer

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